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What is a Study System?

A study system is a process that you have predesigned for yourself to make sure your studying is efficient and effective. It takes a designed, methodical, systemic approach to pursuing knowledge. The ASPIRE system is an effective set of practices to support your lifelong learning success.

Why use a Study System?

Knowing which aspects of the learning content to concentrate on, and how to approach them, will benefit the beginning of the process. The system itself will make sure you use good study habits during the core part of the process. Having a set of standards to compare the quality of your notes and learning will improve your self-reflection and ongoing self-directed learning skills.

Everyday Systematic Study

Taking a systematic approach to the beginning of your study session can bring elevated results to your long term studying experience. Techniques such as the P.O.K.E.R. system can prime your brain to be ready for learning.